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Spreading knowledge across different mediums is a nightmare to maintain. In an organized world, your notes, tasks, and calendar live together in perfect harmony.

Connected notes

Connect, tag, and find. We provide you a set of tools for an exceptional note-taking experience.

Write, schedule, do

On top of a top-notch todo-tool, you can create tasks inside your notes. No more forgotten tasks inside notes!

Plan your day and week

Schedule your tasks by dragging and dropping items from your todolist into your calendar.

Write to understand

Write to understand

Your notes are a tool for understanding and remembering. Release your inner superhuman with connected notes and todos.

Simply start writing

Don't worry about where a note is placed. Bidirectional connections and tags are created on the fly.

A network of thoughts

Visualize how your notes are connected to each other and experience the Eureka effect.

Everything is on top of your mind

Use and save queries for finding information effectively through logical operators.

Seamless task management

For effective task management, tasks, notes, and your calendar must live together in perfect harmony. Mark a task as completed anywhere and it will automatically be placed in the completed bucket of your kanban board.


Capture tasks as soon as they enter your mind. We have made this easy by reducing the cognitive burden of capturing tasks.


Use our kanban and scheduling tools for drag-and-drop organizing of tasks. Easy!


What gets scheduled, gets done. Engage with your tasks and calendar swiftly from the sidebar.

Connected notes

Find your daily flow

Each day deserves a note. In our daily note feature, a daily note is created automatically. The daily note works well for linking to and from other notes.

The second part of the daily view is a calendar view that is connected to your todolist. You can simply drag and drop items from your todolist to schedule your day.

Daily Flow

Schedule your work

A long todo-list might become hard to maintain and counterproductive. Regardless, you need to write down your tasks somewhere.

With our scheduler tool, you can drag and drop items from your todo-list directly to your calendar. How cool is that!

Structure where you need it

Although linking notes to other notes is powerful, some information require a bit of structure.

Our collections are sets of notes and tasks. This allows you to focus at one subject at a time, such as a project, research subject or customer.


Never lose a note again

Our queries allow you to create dynamic folders based on the content of the notes. You don't have to worry about where you place notes, rather, the query automatically finds your notes.

As an example, you can create a query to find notes containing the tags #meetings and #customer. All notes with these tags will be automatically found in one place.


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