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The collections are a tool for organizing information. One collection can contain notes, tasks, or both. For example, you can have a collection called Project Y for both notes and tasks. Then, all tasks created in notes belonging to Project Y are automatically shown under the Project Y collection in the task management section.

Collections for notes

Create a new collection by navigating to Collections and pressing the Create new button. You can choose to include notes, tasks, or both in the collection. The newly created collection will show up in the collections sidebar.

There are two ways of adding notes to collections. First, while in a collection, press Create new in the note sidebar. This note is automatically added to the selected collection. The second way of adding notes to collections is by pressing on the star icon at the bottom of a note and selecting a collection. This way, you can also change collections and remove notes from collections.

Within collections for notes, you can create two levels of subcollections. The subcollections add another layer of hierarchy that helps you in organizing information. Create subcollections by hovering on a collection and pressing the + icon.

Collections for notes

Collections for tasks

In the task view, collections are located in the top bar. Create new collections by clicking on the + icon in the top right corner. When a collection is selected, new tasks are automatically added to that collection.

Collections for todos

By opening a task you can change its collection from the right-hand toolbar.

Collections edit

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