Find your daily flow with Organizedly

The daily note lowers the barrier of starting writing. It's a great tool for journaling and jotting daily information that might not need a permanent note of its own. This helps in keeping your notes tidy and organized.

How does it work?

The daily note is created automatically upon navigation to the page. Therefore, no empty notes are created for those days without content. You can navigate to different days using by clicking on the calendar icon or the arrows next to it.

Daily view

In the left sidebar, you can see all your existing daily notes. You can filter these notes by typing text in the search bar. For example, if you need a glimpse of all daily notes written on Mondays, you can type the word Monday in the search box.

Daily left

The daily notes are also available in the main note list. You can find this by navigating to the Notes section from the main sidebar.

Daily tasks

To get an overview of the tasks of the day, open the daily calendar from the sidebar. To get the most out of the calendar, connect your Google calendar to Organizedly. If you use colors in Google calendar, those will be imported to Organizedly automatically.

Daily todos

The sidebar is available from any page in Organizedly.

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