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The queries are smart folders that fetch your notes for you based on their content. For example, you can create a query that finds all notes with the tag #meetings. When you add the tag #meetings to any note, that note will automatically be found under this query.


Why Queries?

You don't need to think about where you place a particular note. Instead, you can rapidly start writing and giving the note tags on the fly. You can write the tags anywhere within the note and the query will find the note based on them.

You can exclude and include tags and text. For example, you can create a query that finds all #meeting notes related to a #project and excluding #marketing. This helps you in finding relevant information as quickly as possible.

Notes can co-exist in several queries and collections. Queries complement collections and linked notes.

Creating a new Query

Create a new query by clicking Create query in the sidebar. You can edit and remove queries by hovering on the query and clicking on the pencil icon.


You can choose to include and exlude tags, text and daily notes.

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