Getting Started with Organizedly

Organizedly is a bit different than other note-taking and task management tools out there. Organizedly consists of the below six sections that are connected to each other.

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Connect, tag, and find. We provide you a set of tools for an exceptional note-taking experience.

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On top of a top-notch todo-tool, you can create tasks inside your notes. No more forgotten tasks inside notes!

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Drag-and-drop unscheduled tasks from your todo-list directly to your calendar. Convenient!

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Daily flow

An automatically created daily note together with tasks of the day. Create connections to and from the daily note.

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Structure right where you need it. Collections consist of notes and tasks that belong to a subject.

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Find notes based on their content. For example, you can have a query that finds all your meeting notes relating to a subject.

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Have a look yourself!

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