Note-taking with Organizedly

Getting started with Notes

Getting started with notes


Create a new note by clicking on the pencil icon in the top left corner. You don't need to worry about where you place a note as connections and tags are created on the fly.

Edit text and blocks by using keyboard shortcuts or the toolbar at the bottom of the note.

Add a note to a collection from the start icon in the bottom toolbar. You can delete the note by clicking on the trash icon.

The traffic light icon in the top right corner indicates whether the note is synced to our servers.

Connect notes

Working with the sidebar

Open any note (or several notes) in the right sidebar. You can do so by clicking on the note icon next to a linked note. Also, you can open notes in the sidebar from the notes list and from the task management application.

Opened notes stay in sidebar for the entire session, allowing you to navigate to different notes and features while being able to view and edit the notes in the sidebar.


Create new tags or select an existing tag by typing # anywhere in a note. Simple as that. Tags make information easy to find with the Notes tool. Use tags for broad topics like #meetings, #work and #reasearch.

By clicking on a tag, a search for notes containing that tag is made.

Similarly to tags, you can connect a note to another note by typing [[ and the name of the note.

Tagging notes

Linking notes

Similarly to tags, you can connect a note to another note by typing [[ and the name of the note. The linked note is automatically added to the right sidebar for editing and viewing.

Connecting notes

You can see how the notes are connected to other notes from the Notes tab in the Graph view. By clicking once on a noote in the graph view, you will zoom into that specific note and see only the notes connected to that note. This allows you to traverse your notes.

By clicking twice on a note in the graph view, that note will be opened.

Linking notes

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