Smart and efficient task management

We believe that tasks, notes, and a calendar belong together. A task created in a note will automatically appear in your calendar and todo-list.

Getting started with tasks

Getting started with notes


There are three ways of creating a new task

  1. 1. From the task-list
  2. 2. From a note (shortcut: CMD/CTRL + Enter)
  3. 3. From the calendar

Working with the task management tool

If a task is created from a note, you will see a note icon in the task details. By clicking on it, the note will open in the right-sidebar.

The task-list is ordered by default by priority. You can change the priority of a task by clicking on the priority icon on the left side of a task.

Tasks can be marked as completed by clicking on the circle icon in the task.

Create subtasks by hovering on a task on pressing the + button. You can also swiftly add subtasks by pressing Shift + Enter on a task.


To show you relevant information, the task management tool shows only upcoming tasks by default. You can change the filter from the left sidebar.

You can also filter based on collections and tags. If you have selected a certain tag or collection, new tasks will be automatically added to those.


The same set of tags applies to both notes and tasks. You can add several tags to one task.

Tags in tasks

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